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About American Classic Homes

American Classic Homes understands the importance of purchasing a new home and the commitment it entails. We have been a Norman custom home contractor since 1999. We mostly build my custom homes in Norman, OK. But from time to time will construct custom homes in surrounding areas. Our professional experience as a custom home service provider has been well established in the Norman area. The service we provide to each client allows for a true custom home. Together we will customize each aspect of building your home from the initial finance budget, architectural plan design, land development, and through the complete final construction up to when we present the keys.

“We give you the ability to custom design your home at no additional cost.

Although I specializes in custom home design and construction, I offer a couple of my popular floor plans built as speculative homes for those clients who desire to move more swiftly.

J. Mertens Construction has built custom homes throughout the Norman area. We have built for all types sizes and price ranges. We offer excellent custom quality in design & construction. As a Norman home builder, we have become second to none at exceptional prices. With consistency, my custom homes that were built in prior years have excelled in appraised value and character. My attention to detail & latest design trend features, sets my custom homes apart from others in Norman. This provides my clients with a rich home builder asset. In the event of you placing your custom home on the existing market.

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